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How AMP Will Help You

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AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. AMP is a project brought out by Google and Twitter to produce very light weight HTML pages that load incredibly fast on mobile devices.



As I’m sure everyone is aware more and more people are accessing the internet from a mobile device – whether it be a tablet or a smart phone. Around 60% of web searches are performed on a mobile device in 2016. On these devices normal HTML pages can load very slowly and this can lead to lost web visitors (people expect information pretty much instantly!) so in order to combat that AMP pages with their stripped down code will load very fast.





Webmasters can add the AMP pages to their sites so they can be accessed via the website and Google aims to store cached versions of these AMP pages on it’s servers around the globe allowing instant uploading of these pages on request.


AMP is mainly on news sites but is expected to roll out across all websites in the near future. Companies like and Twitter along with news sites like The Guardian and CNN have been at the forefront of the AMP revolution but AMP pages are expected to be more and more prevalent as time goes by.


To find out more about AMP visit this website:

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