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Thermal Imaging Company

Thermal Imaging Company

thermal imagingRed Current are a small Hampshire based consultancy who offer thermal imaging services and thermography surveys to businesses. Thermal image recordings are becoming mandatory for commercial properties across the UK and Red Current are one of the leading companies who offer this service. Kristian Westerhold is the CEO of Red Current and he has 16 years of experience in the field of thermal imaging surveys. He is also certified by the British Institute of Non Destructive Testing (BINDT) to PCN level 2 which is one of the highest classifications in the industry.



Thermal imaging surveys are primarily used to detect heat loss from a building whether it be a private or a commercial property. This can be used to check that the buildings have met improved standards and that insulation is effective. Any heat loss will be spotted with the highly powered FLIR thermography cameras used by Red Current and suggested structural changes can be made. Red Current guarantees its work across all types of buildings whether they be houses, warehouses or aircraft hangars.


Thermography Surveys


Another application of Red Current’s heat map producing surveys is in the field of thermal imaging surveys of electrical equipment. This can effectively be used to spot electrical faults and inherent dangers on circuit boards that don’t meet industry standards. Red Current also inspect mechanical parts as part of their thorough surveys which can detect the efficiency of many working mechanical parts on pieces of machinery such as cams, belts, shafts and lighting. The results can be used to identify points of weakness or wear and tear which the company can anticipate and put measures in place to fix before it malfunctions or becomes an issue.



Red Current is happy to offer quotes on estimated costs for projects both large and small. Simply call them on 01189 968 102 or visit their website at


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