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Bristol SEO Agency

Atlantis Web Marketing are a leading Search Engine Optimisation company based in Bristol. They offer SEO services to local businesses in order to improve their positions in the main search engines. Search Engine Optimisation is the basic action of preparing a website to be placed highly in the search engine index for keywords specific to that particular business. It then includes a process of promoting the website on social media and getting other websites to link out to the site from their website as an endorsement for that company.



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Search Engine Marketing


Search Engine Optimisation differs from the more general term Search Engine Marketing which also includes paid advertising and these days also retargeting. SEO is the practice of optimising a website and building backlinks in order to rank that website at the top of the search engines for certain phrases. These phrases are, for local businesses, generally what they do or sell coupled with their geographic location. As you can imagine this is very valuable to a business as it puts their website right in front of their target prospect at the very moment they are looking for those goods and services.



In certain industries, SEO has become very competitive and the services of SEO professionals and digital agencies are often required to professionally optimise a website in order to rank it at the top of Google, or the other search engines.



The three main aspects of Search Engine Optimisation that Atlantis work on for their clients are the technical aspect, the on page factors and the off page or link building process. The technical aspect deals with all of the hidden parts of a website like the code and the structure of the site and also the hosting and servers used to keep the website online.



On page optimisation refers to how keywords are used on the website. This can be in written text, as alt tags on images and also as part of schema mark up code. The on page really alerts the search engines to exactly what the page is all about and gives important signals about its content.





Finally, and arguably the most important piece of the puzzle is the off page optimisation. This is all about backlinks – which is when another site links to your site with a clickable hyperlink. This is the digital equivalent of a vote. SEO companies like Atlantis have developed ways to encourage other websites to point backlinks at their clients websites thereby boosting them in the search results. This can be done by e-mail outreach, publishing press releases, blogging and social media marketing. Off page SEO also includes social signals such as Facebook “Likes” and “Shares” plus “Retweets” from Twitter. These are important to show that the content on the website is popular on social media and gives validation to the fact that people think the website is useful.


If you’re looking for trusted company in Bristol to run your search campaigns then contact Atlantis Web Marketing today for a no obligation consultation. Call one of our team or simply fill in the form at the top of the page.


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